Current and planned activities include:

  • CIMH is working with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and NYC City Hall to develop evaluation plans for Thrive NYC initiatives.  Thrive NYC is the country's largest city-based mental health program and includes 54 initiatives to improve all aspects of the mental health of New Yorkers.
  • CIMH is developing a Hub for Thrive NYC investigators to match investigators from NYC and beyond to conduct evaluations for Thrive NYC initiatives.
  • The Interdisciplinary Academy for Professional Development in Mental Health will be offered in June 2017 for graduating CUNY students in social work, nursing, public health, counseling, and psychology to assist them in transitioning to the workforce.  Academy faculty include mental health professionals from across CUNY.
  • CIMH will be sponsoring the second annual Mental Health Workforce Summit in June 2017 following on the fantastic work of 2016 Summit leaders and CUNY SPH faculty Nick Freudenberg and Daliah Heller.  This Summit brings together experts from across NYC to address NYC's mental health workforce to increase diversity and increase targeted skills to maintain strong workforce for NYC.
  • CIMH will be working with the Greater New York Health Association and NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to present a Quality Improvement Collaborative on Maternal Depression in March 2017.  The Thrive NYC initiative aims to achieve universal screening for prenatal and postpartum depression among all NYC women.
  • CIMH will also partner with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to present an Expert Convening Meeting on E-Health for Public Mental Health in Fall 2017.
  • CIMH rolled out its Mental Health Methods Series in Spring 2017 with three presentations on research project management, global mental health methods, and applying for grants.

ongoing projects include:

  • Continue to expand Hub for Thrive NYC investigators to match investigators from CUNY and beyond to conduct evaluations and research for Thrive initiatives.
  • Manuscripts on workforce initiatives.
  • For maternal depression quality improvement collaborative, (a) Implement maternal depression monthly coaching with sites and (b) complete manuscript on maternal depression implementation and evaluation.
  • Host expert convening meetings on (a) global mental health and task-shifting, (b) third annual Workforce Summit.
  • Host training programs on (a) DOHMH QI Boot Camp and (b) second annual interdisciplinary mental health workforce academy.
  • For behavioral health information technology collaborative, (a) host learning collaborative and assist clinics in implementing new health IT or improving health IT to conduct process improvement activities.